Bell, Book & Candle
"Witch Starter Kit"


So the first thing that many people tell new people starting out is you don’t need all the tools. Those people are right. So I have created a list of tools I suggest if someone one’s something to practice with.

  • 2 Tealight Candles (white)
  • Ribbon
  • A notebook
  • Construction Paper of various colors
  • Salt
  • Representation of elements
  • Representation of god & goddess

2 tealight candles : I suggest these ,because they are the easiest (& cheapest) to find . The candles can be used for fire representation , to mediate with , or anything really.

Ribbon: Ribbons can be used for knot magick . It is simple ,and powerful magick. Resources : 1 & 2 .

A notebook : This is the most important tool in my opinion . A notebook is for journaling ,and putting research in. Feel free to print out information ,and tape in . 

If you could change one thing about the past, what would it be? How would this change positively affect your present life?”


Construction Paper of Various Colors :  This is random ,but it can be helpfull. Construction paper can be used to make poppet dolls, or to decorate your notebook. Or even to represent elements. 

Salt : Salt is used to cleanse ,or to represent earth . It can also be used for outlining your circle.

Representation of Elements:

  • Earth: Basically everything once you step outside: dirt, leaves,etc.
  • Air: Incense , Feathers
  • Fire: Candles, Red Rocks, Fake candles
  • Water : Water from the tap will do just fine, but it’s always nice to have rain water.

Representative of God & Goddess : 

  • God : *Gold colored anything , pine cone, statue of god, picture of god.
  • Goddess: *Silver colored anything, seashell, statue of goddess, picture of goddess.
  • ***Which ever color you feel’s corresponding with god , or goddess go with your gut***

So that’s it . I just made this post ,because people sometimes go over board . Also partially ,because of silver ravenwolfs “teen witch kit” crap. 

Pictures will be added soon.

** I didn’t mean it to sound wiccan although now that I look back it kinda does. I myself am not wiccan however I still represent a female and male aspect on my altar ,as the same with the elements. I just fiqured I would include them since a lot of books talk about them . You do not have to worship anything to be a witch I have met ,only online however, atheist witches)**

Faery Merry Making Summoning Spell


Spell of the Week: Friday

Theme: Alcohol

Items needed:
    •    An alcoholic drink (sweet wine or mead would be best)
    •    instruments
    •    sugar
    •    cups
    •    friends~

1) Go as far away from civilization as you can. You are going to search for either a faery doorway or a faery mound

2) once you found one, place sugar before it and clap your hands there times. “I am here, I am here, I am here”

3) Grabbing the cup, you will pour yourself some of the drink. Take a sip and place it before the doorway or mound.

4) “Let us drink, dance, and make merry~” Now take the instrument and start playing it

5) Every few moments you take a sip to show you only want to have fun. With your friends as you all play instruments and drink, you will start dancing.

6) you can start singing if you want. The point of this is to have as much fun as you can~

Warning: Don’t drink too much, you don’t want to be drunk in the wilderness :’D
also, if a far appears and offers you a drink or food, don’t take it. Fae food and drink are bad for humans to eat/drink.

This is EXACTLY from my teacher- Herb magick!


I did not write this, This is from the class I took on balancing male and female divine energy. this is about popular herbs and their metaphysical properties… I would never post this on my facebook with local people i know  because I would just encourage them to take her classes but for all of you guys across the world and country I want to share what I am learning! Her classes are by donation, and I will drop a little more in the donation bin since I am sharing her knowledge. :) ENJOY GUYS! MAKE MAGICK! 

Alfalfa - a feminine herb, ruled by Venus and earth as its element. Alfalfa, either fresh sprout or dried, is used in food to bring money into the home and ward off the effects of illness. Its tiny delicate strands, when spread out in a small dish, dry to create an interwoven web, ensuring protection against poverty. 

Anise - a masculine herb, ruled by Jupiter and air as its element. Anise is best known for its powers of protection and awareness. Keep in a sachet on your person for protection, psychic power and concentration

Basil - a masculine herb, ruled by Mars and fire is its element. Basil is best known for its properties to aid and strengthen love. Although known to bring about prosperity, love spells are the general domain for basil. It is used to soothe communication between two people, to draw a lover to you and to celebrate love. Basil can be tucked fresh or dried into a sachet and carried to strengthen feelings of love.

Betony - a masculine herb, ruled by Jupiter and fire is its element. Betony is best in love spells, purification and protection packets. Use in sachets and pillows. To calm an unsleeping youth, place betony under the pillow.

Burdock - a feminine herb, ruled by Venus and water is its element. Burdock is commonly used for purification, strength of character and protection. Dried, hung burdock is placed in rooms for studying, creative work and divination areas because of its tendency to strengthen one’s strongest talents.

Chamomile - a masculine herb, ruled by the Sun and water is its element. Sleep, calm, purification and preparation for psychic or magical working. Can be carried in a sachet or consumed in tea. 

Catnip - a feminine herb, ruled by Venus and its element is water. Catnip is used in magic for contract law, legal confrontations and signing of documents. Its robust aroma lends itself well to matters of money and winning arguments. 

Cinnamon - a masculine herb, ruled by the Sun and fire is its element. Cinnamon is used in magic for deep spirituality and healing, protection, scrying and power. Its ability to retain energy makes this one of the basic staples in your magical herb cupboard. Cinnamon is a favorite herb for the brazier or hot coal. Burned as a powder, it creates a pleasant aroma.

Clove - a masculine herb, ruled by Jupiter and fire is its element. Clove is used as a magical pain suppressant, carried in a pouch or sprinkled at the corners of a sickroom. To calm upset infants, hang a pouch of clove and lavender near the crib.

Dandelion -  a masculine herb, ruled by Jupiter and air is its element. (some choose to use the Sun and fire element because of its association with its translation *teeth of the lion*. Dandelion can be used when casting wishes, for sleep, physical energy and courage. Use it in spell work to strengthen contractual agreements

Dill - a masculine herb, ruled by Mercury and fire is its element. Dill is used in magic for love, prosperity and matters of contract. As a powerful agent in protection work, dill has a potency that stays strong and sharp even when in a dried form. Dill is a favorite in kitchen magic, as a cooking accent.

Hawthorn - a masculine herb, ruled by Mars and its element is fire. Hawthorn is used to fill a home with laughter and balance. Its wood makes wonderful wands, candle holders and for burning in the Lammas fires. Use hawthorn leaves for wishing spells and healing. 

Juniper - a masculine herb, ruled by the Sun and fire is its element. Juniper is used for household protection, seeing ghosts and health. Use the dried berries to include in sachets, potpourris and as decoration for altar dressings. When used on an incense coal, juniper is said to intoxicate spirits into becoming visible as well as increasing your power to see them.  

Lavender - a masculine herb, ruled by Mercury and air is its element. Lavender is best known for its properties of contentment, balance, love and good health. Use it when any of these aspects is required. Because of the amazing scent of the flowers, lavender is often combined in light potpourris for keeping a home in balance. 

Lemon Verbena - a masculine herb, ruled by Mercury and air is its element. Lemon Verbena is a powerful herb used in many love spells. It is often associated with Venus because of the love aspects to it. Sachets for love, live plants for attraction of love and dried dishes for family love are three of its main uses.

Mint - a masculine herb, ruled by Mercury and air is its element. Mint is a near-essential herb for your cabinet because of its powerful healing ability. Prosperity can come in many forms including good health, both physical and spiritual. For healing spells and prosperity in all forms, mint is a desirable base. Mint tea, sipped slowly, brings the body into attunement with the elements of air and water, to ensure robust health.

Parsley - a masculine herb, ruled by Mercury and air is its element. Parsley is used in magic for purification and protection. As is often the case, an herb’s medicinal properties will mirror its magical aspects. Parsley is used as a breath purifier, to cleanse the pallet and aid in ridding the body of excess gas. As a magical purification herb, Parsley is one of the best. Parsley makes a fine addition to any meal, as a garnish but more importantly, as a way to ensure a stress-free environment for eating.

Patchouli - a feminine herb, ruled by Saturn and earth is its element. Patchouli is most commonly used in money spells, success, job interviews and contract negotiations. Because of its elemental earth, patchouli remains the perfect herb for any spell that is earth related, such as healing, garden success and the building of a new home (including a move). Psychic awareness is yours if patchouli is used before scrying. Anoint your third eye before reading the tarot.

Pepper - a masculine herb, ruled by Mars and its element is fire. Pepper is used in magic for driving out negative energy and protection. Its distinct aroma and untouchable properties make it perfect for cleansing a previously occupied home or garden. Pepper is said to cause sneezing, which in old lore was a way to drive out demons.

Rose and Rose Petals - a feminine herb, ruled by Venus and its element is water. Rose petals are perfect for love spells. Matching their color magically will enhance your work. Sprinkle the petals around your bed for lovers dreams. Use the full flowers to fill a home with love. Dry the buds for use in potpourris and sachets. Healing and divination are also aspects of the rose. Use rose essential oils for anointing ceremonies and baby namings.

Rosemary - a masculine herb, ruled by the Sun and fire is its element. Rosemary is used in magic for mental ability, healing, love and purification. Its element fire gives this herb its strength and heavy aroma. Rosemary is used as a smudge or dried and sprinkled on coal to release the smoke to purify an area.

Sage - a masculine herb, ruled by Jupiter and air is its element. Sage is used in magic for wisdom, psychic awareness, long life and protection. As secondary aspects, spells for money use sage. But, by far, its most potent aspect is wisdom and learning. Sage is often bundled tightly into smudge sticks and burned as a scent.

St. Johns Wort - a masculine herb, ruled by the Sun and its element is fire. St. Johns Wort is used for protection, calming anxiety and the hearing or auditory perception of spirits. Keep the dried leaves with you to rub on your wrists and temples when stress or anxiety begins to take hold. Sleep on a sachet of St. Johns Wort and Sage to bring on prophetic dreams.

Tea - a masculine herb, ruled by the Sun and its element is fire. Black tea is used in magic for prosperity, strength and fortitude. It is often burned near the room of a sick person to open the doors to good health. Drinking a cup of black tea is said to bring money immediately.

Thyme - a feminine herb, ruled by Venus and water is its element. Thyme is used in magic for healing, psychic awareness and purification. Often used in love spells, Venus lends this herb high potential in this purpose. Thyme can be used in air magic, releasing its essence slowly.

Wormwood - a masculine herb, ruled by Mars and air is its element. Wormwood is used heavily in protection spells and when attempting to communicate with those who have passed over. Decorate your Samhain table with wormwood or when using your clairvoyant skills.

Yarrow - a feminine herb, ruled by Venus and water is its element. Yarrow is used for love, scrying and gratitude (when an herb is needed). Hang in bundles to give thanks for life and spiritual energy. Use the flowering tops for potpourris and the fern-like leaves, dried, for incense bases mixed with saw dust.

Spell of the Week 2


Spell of the Week: Locating spell

Items you need:

  • Drawn map of the area you are searching
  • pendulum, (a necklace with a heavy pendant can be used)
  • candle


  1. After drawing the area you will be looking in, concentrate on the item you have lost. (light the candle to help to concentrate)
  2. After having a moment to think of the item, hold the pendulum over the map. Let it swing freely.
  3. Chant this as you concentrate “Keeper of all things forgotten and lost, allow me to find it no matter the cost, by moon and sun let it be done”
  4. Take a moment to wait, then ask which direction is yes, and which is no (the pendulum will swing in a certain direction for each answer)
  5. When you get what means yes and no, ask the spirit if it wishes to help you. If it says no, try again later to see if the spirit changes its mind.
  6. If it said yes, make sure to clearly visualize the item that has been lost in your mind. Picture it clearly for the spirit to see.
  7. Ask questions about the location of the item. Hold the Pendulum over the map.
  8. Holding the pendulum over a certain area of the map, ask if the item rests here. If it is yes, then stop and go see if the item is there. If no, repeat the process.
  9. If the pendulum never swings “yes” on the map, that means the item is not in the location of the map.
  10. When you are done, whether or not you have found the item make sure to thank the spirit for its aid, and give offerings if the spirit wishes.

* :・゚°.¸  ☆ * crystals * magick * nature * ☆ ¸.°・゚: * 



* :・゚°.¸  ☆ * crystals * magick * nature * ☆ ¸.°・゚: * 


* :・゚°.¸  ☆ * crystals * magick * nature * ☆ ¸.°・゚: * 


* :・゚°.¸  ☆ * crystals * magick * nature * ☆ ¸.°・゚: * 


freshly made cruelty free feather earring singles, some are embellished with bob cat toe bones, and one has a small orange mink foot, and the other has a chunk of dyed howlite.  ;)  soon to be available on my etsy.

You should seriously check out her Etsy, it’s freaking sweeeeet.


freshly made cruelty free feather earring singles, some are embellished with bob cat toe bones, and one has a small orange mink foot, and the other has a chunk of dyed howlite.  ;)  soon to be available on my etsy.

You should seriously check out her Etsy, it’s freaking sweeeeet.

The truth about circle casting…how to do it & why it’s easier than you may think!


I wrote this post awhile ago and wanted to repost it for all of the new followers. Enjoy!

“So…if you have read a few Witchy books and are new to the craft often times casting a circle will make fire-breathing while on a unicycle going down a mountain biking trail seem easy. Often times books include steps from different branches of Witchcraft (the Gardernerians, Alexandrians etc.) and inadvertantly misinform people by getting them think THAT’S how a circle is cast…and that it always has 421 steps & that it always must be done that way or you are doing it wrong. Then often times those same books will strike a fear into young Witches that if they don’t cast the circle to the book, everything will be screwed up & things in the room could start exploding. So what happens is new Witches will often become obsessed in the details of the craft, missing the bigger, simple picture of it all. Magick is all around us and always at work…so are the energies of the gods, goddesses & ancient ones. It doesn’t take a 1 hour circle casting to harness them to bring power to your magick. And often times in worrying about all the steps in casting, calling in the quarters etc we loose the magick, don’t feel anything and can even feel like what we are doing is “cheesy” or “hokey” because our worry & stress stops us from feeling the magick/energy of the circle. I’m going to explain a simple way of doing it that I wish someone could have taught me years ago when I first started off. There are a million ways to do this…here is a simple method I often use. Always do what feels right with you. 

 Items needed to cast a circle (will discuss calling the quarters in my next post):

1. Yourself 

2. Your wand 

 Now, stand somewhere…anywhere where you won’t be disturbed & where your pets/human friends can’t break your circle.

 Next, walk forward a few steps so you are facing north with your wand in your dominant hand. Begin walking around in a CLOCKWISE circular direction…as you walk say this once “I cast this circle to protect me from all energies & forces that may come to do me harm.” As you walk & say that visualize the bubble forming around you…see the white light shooting from the wand creating the circle.

 Once you get back to where you started, walk around a second time (again clockwise) & if you want say what you said above or just focus on visualizing the energy/white light forming of the circle. Do what feels right in the moment!

 When you get back to where you started, walk around one more time (clockwise)…feel free to repeat the words or focus on visualizing the white light which is forming your circle. Again do what feels right to you in the moment.

 When you finish your third time around the circle pause and say “This circle is cast, so shall it be!” Substitute “so mote it be” or “it is so” or whatever else you can think of for the last part if you wish.

 Your circle is now cast and you can send your intent to the universe/gods/goddesses to be manifested. Calling the quarters is an extra step and is NOT a requirement for the successful manifestation of any spell. I have manifested many spells in circles where I have not called the quarters just fine. I will post a follow up blog talking a little bit more about calling the quarters & a few fun, simple & traditional ways to do it.

Don’t worry about walking widdershins (counterclockwise) within the circle. It’s a silly modern rule created by ritual based magick traditions. Walking clockwise won’t break the circle unless that is the intent for which you are walking & you are making it known that is why you are walking counterclockwise. Nothing will blow up if you do, your spell won’t be rendered useless and the gods/goddesses won’t get angry. I do it all the time and my spells manifest just fine.

 Be sure not to break the circle though…things won’t explode & nothing horrible will usually happen. It’s just scatters your energy among other things…not going to go into tons of details right now but feel free to google it or read about why not to break a circle.

What you do while setting your intentions for your spell varies depending on the spell. I’m just describing casting here which is why I haven’t mentioned candles, calling in the gods/goddesses etc. That’s not part of casting…those are extra steps which I will cover in another post.

 Once you are done working your magick you can close the circle. Walk to the edge of your circle with your wand in your dominant hand and start walking COUNTERCLOCKWISE in a circlular direction. As you walk say something like “This circle is now open. The energy in it remains unaltered/unbroken. So shall/mote it be.”

Feel free to say “Merry meet, merry part, & merry meet again” if you want. It’s not required but a lot of people like incorporating it in closing their circle. Say why feels right in the moment.

 YOU ARE DONE. That’s it. Wasn’t too hard right?

 Hope this helped shine some light on how not everything in the craft has to be complicated, time consuming, involving countless items etc. The less you worry about whether or not you are doing something “right” and “by the book” the more you will actually be able to feel the magick/energy of the circle. It usually feels “hokey” & “cheesy” when you are doing a bunch of things you don’t understand that you are worried that you are doing wrong all while feeling no magick & just the stress of trying to perform well in a circle. If it feels like a play or a pageant you are probably doing something wrong…try simplifying things until you can feel the energy. The more you worry about “getting it right” often the less you will feel the magick/energy. Plus if you are filled with worry & stress and not feeling any energy or magick I doubt your spell will manifest very well if at all. Start off slow and simple & start adding steps when you feel comfortable & confident in doing so.

 Over time you will develop your own unique Witchy style that you feel comfortable with.”

Blessings and Happy Casting!



A New Moon is a fantastical time to send intentions to the universe for new beginnings in career, job, romance, or a new venture. It is also a good time for a personal cleansing or a ‘fresh’ start. Use the Dark Moon to banish, release, or remove unwanted toxic energies from your life.

Items Needed:

Meditation music
2 white candles
Seeds of choice
1 small pot w/ potting soil
1 magickal spoon
Rain water collected from a previous storm (if available)
1 piece of paper
1 pen
Cauldron, ash pot, or ash tray
1 glass of wine

Start by cleansing your mind and creating a sacred space. Standing in the North position, light the sage and walk 3x in a circle, stopping at starting point.

Sit quietly inside your personal sacred space, light the candles, and cleanse your mind by focusing on your breathing .. releasing all thoughts. Playing meditation or Native American music in background helps.

On the piece of parchment paper, write the following: “ I, _____________________, ask the universe for assistance in manifesting the following intentions in my life: (Write down your intentions on the parchment and visualize the intention coming to fruition as you write). Conclude with: I ask that these intentions be correct and for the highest good of all involved. So mote it be.”

Fold paper 3x, light with a match, and toss into the cauldron. Watch the flames and smoke rise, carrying your intentions into the universe. Pick up glass of wine and toast to the moon, continue to sip as you watch the ashes cool.

With your spoon, make a small hole in potting soil, plant your seed, and cover with ashes from your parchment paper. Drizzle rainwater over seed while repeating the following: “From the ashes, from the fires, as these seeds bloom, so do my desires.”

Do one final toast to the Moon and thank the universe for her assistance.

On the next New Moon, replant outside in a pre-determined spot.

New Moon Blessings,

Dark Moon Tarot

moon phase info